Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Year In Pictures ~ 2011

We had a great 2011 and I cannot wait to see what 2012 has in store for us.


There was a lot of rain!

We watched it flood.

We left the country house

There was dancing and lots of moving boxes


We moved back to the city

The new house

Brownie cupcakes!

We celebrated Valentines Day!


The chickens enjoy their new home

I finally got myself a greenhouse

We made spring flowers

Grandma Evelyn came to visit

Uncle Terry and Grandma Karen visited as well.

Someone turned 8!

Someone turned 3!

First of the garden starts.


There was a Mom's Night In Craft Night.

Someone turned 5! 

Kids did crafts

There was hiking with Daddy.

We made newspaper pots.  
You can too, instructions here.

A poultry show.

Nerf battles

We filled the greenhouse


We played with the goats at the farm.

There were underwear-sock wars

I planted the hill of death.  Though in 
May we called it the pumpkin-squash-hill.  

I had farmers to help me.

I learned to coupon.  I saved us when business slowed down.  
We survived on the pantry for months!  

I just used up the last of my laundry soap today.  
This is part of it, cost me 99 cents!

The mint loved the greenhouse.


We butchered our first rabbit.

Greens from the garden

We started a garden tee-pee

My daughter went and grew up.  (self portrait)

And so did my son!


There was sleeping,  

 and fireworks,


and snap peas.

An abundance of flowers.

Lots of swimming happened.

There were chalk paste footprints across my patio.

I became one of those mom's.  The ones who have a 
billion animals at their house.  This is Skipper.

My oldest, bestest, most wonderfulest friend got married. 
 (now I don't think she read this blog so lets 
just say that I am not so patiently 
waiting to be an Auntie and want to spoil her kids 
rotten.  Come on all ready Jenny!)


There was goat shaving.

Chicken holding

Goat nibbling

Loving on babies

Chicken love

First year rabbit showmanship!

Goat showing

and overall lots of Fair!


Garden Harvest

Pie baking

Canning season coming to a close.

Found and loved a hamburger bun recipe.  Finally!


Banana Split Night.  A yearly tradition every October 31st.

Another trip to Grandma's so I could stay with her while she was 
in the hospital.  Her front porch, which is actually her back porch.

I don't know if you can read this.  I found it when 
I was wandering the halls of the hospital late 
one night while my Grandma slept.  Made me tear up.

Another poultry show.


We did some pressure canning.

Some donut making

Sisters, 23 months apart, its a love-hate relationship in which they are 
all ready fighting over clothing.

And more baking.  Recipe for these coming soon, they are so yummy!

 I use this dough for everything.  Bread, breadsticks, french bread (using steam in the oven), 
dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, everything.


Someone turned 11!

A group of friends made each other feel better by sharing 
our "Real" houses on facebook.  Do you feel better now too?

Another chicken show this time with 
members of our new 4-H group.

We spent time at Grandma Evelyn's for Christmas.  
No snow but I love this tree.

More at Grandma's house.  See that little bridge in the middle?  
Almost 10 years ago Joe and I said our vows right there.

If you made it this far congratulations!  I hope you have a wonderful 2012.