Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Home Management Binder

The time of year where everything is hectic is upon me. Wait what am I talking about? Every time of year is hectic here. This fall will be even more crazy however as I am doing a craft bazaar with two other wonderful crafters. You can read about it here. I am so incredibly excited. This also means I will be spending a lot more time sewing and cutting and sewing and cutting and yet again more sewing. Its a release for me. I love to sew, craft, and create. Using my hands and making something that we will use is relaxing for me. The sad part is I tend to get so involved that I neglect the house and the kids. Yes I said the kids, you want cake for lunch? Sure go ahead I'll get it after I finish this seam. Oh you all ready ate the cake. That's okay go play outside. You can tell when I am in mid craft mode. My fabric bins are all ready spread all over the living room and its hard to miss the two tables that I bring out to sew on. I don't have a sewing room or a craft room. We are 6 people in a 3 bedroom house, there is just no extra space. So the living room becomes my craft zone. Or crap zone as Joe often calls it. Add that to the dishes that I "forget" to do and the toys that get scattered through out the day and well its bad. Really, really bad.

In the hopes of managing my time better I am bringing out my home management binder and reworking it. I love my home management binder but lately it does not fit our needs. It needs a re-working. So in the days and weeks to come I have decided to do several posts about my home management binder. Aren't you just excited? Okay I know I'm crazy but I love my binder. It helps me run through the day smoothly and I can make it whatever I wish it to be.

What is in my home management binder:
1) Contact and Emergency Information
2) A Monthly Calendar
3) A Weekly Calendar with Half hour increments
4) A Household To Do List
5) Daily Chore List
6) Focus Cleaning Lists for each day of the week
7) A Stain Removal Guide
8) A section for Pantry, Fridge, and Freezer Inventory
9) A Meal Plan Section
10) Coupon Section
11) Manual Section
12) Blank grocery lists and blank paper for notes
13) Envelopes

So next time I will post pictures and talk about a few of the sections.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where I am From

A bunch of friends have been posting this on Facebook and I thought I'd give it a try. :) The original template can be found here.

I am from an unending sky, from Fisher Price and sidewalk chalk.

I am from many places, running free as the wind whips my hair.

I am from daisies and tulips. From fruit trees, mud, and motorcycles.

I am from Grandma's at Christmas and stubbornness, from Karen and Evelyn and Hattie.

I am from the hardworking and compassionate.

From you'll get over it and its okay to cry.

I am from strong Christians and weak ones.

I'm from the cold and the wet, from large open spaces that seem to never end and from the unknown. From chocolate hidden under the bed to vegetable pizza.

From logging camps, farmland, and the sea.

I am from originals under my daughter's bed and negatives in a far away attic. Pieces scattered for safety.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

What's in the Backyard



Roma Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes

Johnny Jump Ups


Potato Harvest

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sewing Alley

I am excited to announce that after a long (really long!) break I will be re-opening Sewing Alley in September. Check out the Sewing Alley Blog for more information in the coming weeks. Make sure to become a follower or join our newsletter to receive updates on new products, stocking dates, and special discount codes just for followers and subscribers!


A busy month was had here in July. A lot of playing (check out the family blog for photos), some baking, and some hard decisions.

First off we have Fairy Cakes. I found the recipe over at Down to Earth and we made lemon Fairy Cakes with buttercream. They were delicious!! Recipe is here. Later for a picnic we made chocolate ones with whipped cream instead of buttercream and they were equally good. They also froze well frosting and all.

30 pounds of blueberries!! We have bags and bags frozen in the freezer now. We want to get more but our freezer is full. We are on the look out for a bigger one as the small on we have is just not big enough for our family size.
Michael requested a blueberry pie. Wish I had taken a photo before we cut it. It was really pretty and oh so tasty.
The decision to sell the chicken coop is final. Madeline will be showing 5 of our chickens at the fair this coming week and after that they will be listed on Craigslist. I may list them now with the condition that they cannot be picked up until after. The whole set up will go. Coop, run, outer moveable fenced run, waterers, feeders, and chickens.
I will be really sad to see these girls go. I love seeing them run around all day and the eggs they provide us. The kids will be really sad to see them go as well. We know something is going to change in the near future and as we rent need to get the grass re seeded in this area as well as the garden. Which will also be no more after the fall.

July Update

Another busy month.

Fourth of July.

Marah was old enough to stay awake this year. She really enjoyed watching the fireworks.

Michael spent most of the night like this. Then fell asleep on my arm. He insisted he did not want to go inside though.

We made boats.

We had lots of cool baths when the weather hit 107!!

Michael lost his first tooth.

Naomi gave Marah a black eye.

We went to the beach twice. This is trip #1. Cannon beach was warm and we had a blast.

This one of Naomi's many faces.

Another face

The kids love the waves


Madeline could live on the beach.

Beach trip #2 was cold and wet! We camped for two nights and it never really warmed up. Once we were about 5 minutes east of the ocean on the way home the clouds cleared though.

We were at Sunset beach which you can drive on. It was neat to just park out there. I think you bring home more sand this way though. It doesn't have time to fall off on the walk back to the car. lol

I have hopes of blogging regularly at some point. Right now I am re opening Sewing Alley and am going to concentrate on the Sewing Alley Blog and getting some sewing done. See you next month!!