Friday, August 7, 2009


A busy month was had here in July. A lot of playing (check out the family blog for photos), some baking, and some hard decisions.

First off we have Fairy Cakes. I found the recipe over at Down to Earth and we made lemon Fairy Cakes with buttercream. They were delicious!! Recipe is here. Later for a picnic we made chocolate ones with whipped cream instead of buttercream and they were equally good. They also froze well frosting and all.

30 pounds of blueberries!! We have bags and bags frozen in the freezer now. We want to get more but our freezer is full. We are on the look out for a bigger one as the small on we have is just not big enough for our family size.
Michael requested a blueberry pie. Wish I had taken a photo before we cut it. It was really pretty and oh so tasty.
The decision to sell the chicken coop is final. Madeline will be showing 5 of our chickens at the fair this coming week and after that they will be listed on Craigslist. I may list them now with the condition that they cannot be picked up until after. The whole set up will go. Coop, run, outer moveable fenced run, waterers, feeders, and chickens.
I will be really sad to see these girls go. I love seeing them run around all day and the eggs they provide us. The kids will be really sad to see them go as well. We know something is going to change in the near future and as we rent need to get the grass re seeded in this area as well as the garden. Which will also be no more after the fall.

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