Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Home Management Binder

The time of year where everything is hectic is upon me. Wait what am I talking about? Every time of year is hectic here. This fall will be even more crazy however as I am doing a craft bazaar with two other wonderful crafters. You can read about it here. I am so incredibly excited. This also means I will be spending a lot more time sewing and cutting and sewing and cutting and yet again more sewing. Its a release for me. I love to sew, craft, and create. Using my hands and making something that we will use is relaxing for me. The sad part is I tend to get so involved that I neglect the house and the kids. Yes I said the kids, you want cake for lunch? Sure go ahead I'll get it after I finish this seam. Oh you all ready ate the cake. That's okay go play outside. You can tell when I am in mid craft mode. My fabric bins are all ready spread all over the living room and its hard to miss the two tables that I bring out to sew on. I don't have a sewing room or a craft room. We are 6 people in a 3 bedroom house, there is just no extra space. So the living room becomes my craft zone. Or crap zone as Joe often calls it. Add that to the dishes that I "forget" to do and the toys that get scattered through out the day and well its bad. Really, really bad.

In the hopes of managing my time better I am bringing out my home management binder and reworking it. I love my home management binder but lately it does not fit our needs. It needs a re-working. So in the days and weeks to come I have decided to do several posts about my home management binder. Aren't you just excited? Okay I know I'm crazy but I love my binder. It helps me run through the day smoothly and I can make it whatever I wish it to be.

What is in my home management binder:
1) Contact and Emergency Information
2) A Monthly Calendar
3) A Weekly Calendar with Half hour increments
4) A Household To Do List
5) Daily Chore List
6) Focus Cleaning Lists for each day of the week
7) A Stain Removal Guide
8) A section for Pantry, Fridge, and Freezer Inventory
9) A Meal Plan Section
10) Coupon Section
11) Manual Section
12) Blank grocery lists and blank paper for notes
13) Envelopes

So next time I will post pictures and talk about a few of the sections.

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