Friday, January 16, 2009

September 2008 Catch Up


They played dress up.
Tan little cheeks. I just want to kiss them!
Michael made himself a mosquito costume, wings and all. He then tried to poke holes in plastic wrap so he could drink "blood".
And yes my house is messy. I thought about cropping it out but hey its my life and I just don't care. Your house gets messy when you have four kids under 7. :)
The lego master.
Madeline checkout a book about horses at the library. She then decided to make a list of her favorites and write down all the interesting facts she could about them.

We found a spiderweb in the blackberry bush. We fed him a moth.
I made Madeline a new bag.
Its reversible.

Nomi helped me sew.

Madeline made potpourri from the roses in our front yard.

The house smelled so yummy for hours!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Random August 2008 Photos

Photo updates from August 2008. These are not in any order.

Playing with balloons.

Madeline did a new trick.

Nomy learned to push up on hands and knees.

Look at those rolls!

We went to the MDC Summer Picnic here in Vancouver.
This is Michael's friend G. Food, drink, and dirt. LOL

We played pass the babies.

We found a blackberry bush on the side of our house. We have since removed it as it was spreading fast. Here is the harvest one day.
Must be comfortable when cleaning the chicken coop. Pink boots and underwear.

We went to Grandma Karen's and Great Grandma Evelyn's.
Tree climbing.

Marah playing with her second cousin Ashley.

A bee hive on Great Grandma's porch. They kept diving at me and I was a good distance away. Needless to say it is now gone.

The kids love doing experiment blow up as they call it. Baking soda and Vinegar.