Friday, January 16, 2009

September 2008 Catch Up


They played dress up.
Tan little cheeks. I just want to kiss them!
Michael made himself a mosquito costume, wings and all. He then tried to poke holes in plastic wrap so he could drink "blood".
And yes my house is messy. I thought about cropping it out but hey its my life and I just don't care. Your house gets messy when you have four kids under 7. :)
The lego master.
Madeline checkout a book about horses at the library. She then decided to make a list of her favorites and write down all the interesting facts she could about them.

We found a spiderweb in the blackberry bush. We fed him a moth.
I made Madeline a new bag.
Its reversible.

Nomi helped me sew.

Madeline made potpourri from the roses in our front yard.

The house smelled so yummy for hours!

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