Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where I am From

A bunch of friends have been posting this on Facebook and I thought I'd give it a try. :) The original template can be found here.

I am from an unending sky, from Fisher Price and sidewalk chalk.

I am from many places, running free as the wind whips my hair.

I am from daisies and tulips. From fruit trees, mud, and motorcycles.

I am from Grandma's at Christmas and stubbornness, from Karen and Evelyn and Hattie.

I am from the hardworking and compassionate.

From you'll get over it and its okay to cry.

I am from strong Christians and weak ones.

I'm from the cold and the wet, from large open spaces that seem to never end and from the unknown. From chocolate hidden under the bed to vegetable pizza.

From logging camps, farmland, and the sea.

I am from originals under my daughter's bed and negatives in a far away attic. Pieces scattered for safety.

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korin said...

i really love tthat last line!