Thursday, May 31, 2007


Taking an idea from someone else and posting my list of things to declutter here so I don't lose it.

We simply have too much stuff and we (mostly the kids) get more and more stuff all the time. We are trying to declutter and simplify what we do have. Most of the toys and kid gadgets literally never get used other than the initial opening. How many toys do kids really need? Joe and I are guilty of things as well and have our fare share of sorting to do. We are all for books though so all the books will stay for now.

So the list:

Garage and all boxes in the garage
Kids room and closet: clothes, toys, stuffed animals
Craft room
Kitchen: appliances, utensils, dishes, serving bowls, tupperware and lids
All cupboards, closets, etc.
Our room: dressers, clothes in closet, stuff in closet, Marah's dresser
Outside toys

So the plan is to have a yard sale in August sometime. That gives us about 3 months. What ever is left from the yard sale will either be Freecycled or donated. The yard sale will fund our future vacations so there is an incentive to get rid of lots.

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