Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Playground, The Zoo, and The Other Daddy

We discovered a playground across the street from gymnastics. Michael decided he wants a new sport so we went to the playground while Maddy had her class.

Look at all that hair.

Mommy, I'm going to go eat bark.

My silly boy.

Its so high! He is going to be the one with broken bones, I just know it.

Hi mommy.

I love this picture, my little punk rocker. He gets compliments all the time.

The other Daddy came to visit. Brian, Joe's other half, was in Beaverton for a training and he came for dinner. Brian is actually married to a wonderful woman named Marnie. They live in Cheney and we miss them.

Marah took to Brian right away. She usually takes several hours to warm up to others and sometimes does not at all. Well she LOVES Brian. I think it is because she heard his voice every day while she was in the womb.

Had to post Michael in the ERGO. He got tired at the zoo. They are looking at spiders.

Michael's favorite.

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