Sunday, November 25, 2007

Have not posted in a while again. I just can't keep up. Not very many pictures this time. We have had a great October and November. Lots of normal every day busy stuff going on.

We went to Seattle for a memorial for Joe's Grandpa Melvin who passed away last month. He was a wonderful man.

Holding Madeline the flower girl at our wedding.

Christmas 2004

Marah loves to play with her diapers. LOL. The other day she insisted Joe put them on his head and he did. :)

They would fall off and she would shriek and hold them up so he could do it again.

We don't celebrate Halloween so we have Family Movie and Banana Split Night. It is the third year of this and the kids love, love, love it. So here is our banana split this year. We put Marah to bed early so the kids could watch Flushed Away without her climbing all over them.

Final pictures of our preying mantis. Here she is having a cricket for breakfast.

The kids having their breakfast with her.

Her egg sack, before we released her she laid another one.

We had a birthday party for Madeline's Cabbage Patch Doll.

Marah spent most of this day walking around with her head up so she could see under her hair. She will not let me keep it up or clipped back.

So I cut it...
The new Marah. Look she has EYES!

Marah has learned that it is fun to fling herself off of things. Scares the crap out of me but so far she has not done it without any padding.

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