Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary Joe!

Its hard to believe that we were married 6 years ago!

Joe I love you so much.

I love your laugh.
I love your dimples.
I love that you can make me laugh.
I love watching you play with our kids.
I love watching you play with the kids when you don't know I am watching.
I love that you know we are not perfect and that we try to get better at communicating every day.
I love how militant you were about breastfeeding when Madeline was a baby.
I love how supportive you are about breastfeeding now that I am militant.
I love how you stepped out of your comfort zone to give me the homebirth I wanted.
I love how protective you are of me and the kids.
I love how you have to re-check all the locks even after you have watched me lock them.
I love it when you hold me.
I love how hardworking you are.
I love that we both have the same dreams for the future.
I love that we talk.
I love that you are supportive of my ever growing crunchiness.
I love that you are getting a little crunchy yourself. (lol)
I love the support you give me when I want to try something new.
I love that you spoil me.
I (sometimes) love that you make me step out of my comfort zone.

I could go on and on. I LOVE YOU! Happy Anniversary Joe!

March 23, 2002. Wedding at Grandma Evelyn's.

Our honeymoon.


UrbanHippieMama said...

Happy Anniversary, Joe & Allison!!

You are one of the sweetest most thoughtful couples I know. I always enjoy being with you and around your kids. Your love for each other is so evident. Enjoy this special day!

hendreque said...

Happy Anniversary!

Lee said...

So sweet! Happy Anniversary!

nicole said...

Happy Anniversary!

Amoreena said...

Awwww, Happy Anniversary :)

Michael Moore said...

That was wonderful!!!

Much love to you both!