Thursday, September 17, 2009

August Update

Not so much to post this month. Majority of the month was taken up by illness and the Skamania County Fair which I posted about earlier. Lots of photos taken by the kids in this one.

We made pasta sauce with our garden tomatoes!
One morning bright and early, or should I say dark and early, someone woke up and decided to take self portraits, hundred of self portraits. Also photos of chairs and carpet fuzz. Here are a few of the ones I kept.
I did a trade with a mama friend of mine. A sewing machine that was not working out for Madeline for some knitting. The yarn was supposed to be longies but it did not want to be longies. I don't knit so I can't really tell you how yarn can do this but L tells me it happens. The yarn decided it wanted to be a dress. The most beautiful little dress that will double as a shirt when it gets too short. We love it!!

I could just eat her up.
Joe went on a Daddy play date. They took the max to the zoo with some friends. I stayed home with a napping baby and sewed. It was wonderful! They had fun too.

That's it, I will try and take some more photos this month! See you then. :)

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