Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Skamania County Fair 2011

The kids participated in Skamania County Fair again this year.  It was in August but I am so far behind posting photos of anything on here!  It was Madeline's third year participating in fair, Michael and Marah's first year participating.

Marah and SnowGold
Michael and Buster the Polish Rabbit


I really liked this rabbit judge,
he was really good with the novices.

All dressed up in her show clothes

When time came she froze and the livestock superintendent was nice
enough to let older sister go out and stand next to her.  Maddy later
said "If I'd know I was going out there I would have
wore my show clothes!"  

It was an excellent year at fair.  The kids had a blast as always.  It was also the first year that the littles and I camped the entire time.  There were several meltdown moments, not only by the little girls!  We will do it again this year and the kids have all ready started planning their 2012 4H year.

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