Friday, April 27, 2012


Someone had her 31st  a birthday in April.  This certain someone also happened to go buy herself a camera for her birthday, from her husband of course.  He was there when she bought it so it was technically from him.  She has been taking a lot of pictures and experimenting and trying to understand how to use a camera that is more than a point and shoot.  Photography is always something I have wanted to learn more about.  I love taking photos and at one point (a very long time ago!) wanted to be a photo journalist.  Sometime in between wanting to be a doctor or a chef or a baker.  Yes, I wanted to be a baker.  I actually wanted to have a bakery with a soup kitchen that was supported by the wonderful goodies I baked all day.  Then I realized what time bakers have to get up in the morning.  So I became a mom and we all know mom's don't doctor, bake, cook, or get up early!  lol  All right back to the topic, my new camera.  Its a Canon Rebel T2i and I am so excited to learn more.  Now that the kids are older I may just be able to take some classes even.  So prepare for random posts full of photos of kids and trees and views and clouds and rocks and plants and anything else I happen to be standing next to when I feel the urge to play with my camera.

Birthday Tulips, my favorite

This one is also learning photography and is working
through the 4H photography curriculum.

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Amy Mekelburg said...

Lovely pictures! And, Good job, Joe! lol