Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma Karen!

We celebrated Grandma Karen's birthday on January 25th. Happy Birthday Mom!

Marah with great Grandma Evelyn.

Airplane on Grandma Karen.

Wondering how many? Well I put them on myself. There are 58 candles!

Check out the glow!

You can do it!

Can you see her behind all the smoke? The heat also melted the frosting. Lol.

Climbing the apple tree. It was so nice outside. Cold but sunny.

There was snow in Vancouver. Well they called it snow anyway. The kids went out before breakfast to play as I knew the snow would not last long.

I made the new baby a diaper. Too bad it fits Marah. I guess my pattern sizing is a bit off.

Terry cloth outer with orange flannel next to the skin. Its a fitted so it would need a cover. I was going to put snaps on it but it worked great with the snappi.

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Lee said...

Love the picture of the kids in the tree.