Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A wordy update

Blogger is acting weird with pictures and I do not feel like dealing with it so you get a wordy update. Grammatical errors and all since as Joe puts it I write conversationally. LOL.

Big news is we are getting chickens! I am so excited. Joe not so much but he is excited that the kids are. We asked the landlord even though our lease says no pets and he said yes. He asked us to check with the neighbors first and they were fine with it. We are thinking 8 chickens. No roosters inside city limits though. To cut costs I found 2 dog houses on Craigslist, one for free and the other only $10. Our wonderful, lovely friend L and her husband E picked them up for us with her dads truck. THANK YOU!!! Now to figure out how to attach them together and build the run.

Michael has gotten hives again. Marah also had some hives last week. They did not have them at the same time so unrelated incidences. We are thinking about allergy testing for both of them. Marah because of her ears and Michael because well he is just so darn sensitive to everything. I don't know though since they are both so young. I just don't want to put them through that.

Madeline is doing well. She chose her classes at HCA next year. World Crafts again and Messy Science. In science they are doing plant hydroponics. How cool is that! Both kids will take PE through HCA at the YMCA. They will get swim lessons the first hour and gym/group sports the second hour.

Marah is very two still. She scared the childcare workers at church last week. She actually let me leave her and well was fine for all of two minutes. She them backed herself into a corner screaming and tried to hit anyone who came near her. Needless to say she will be staying with us for a while longer. I am also looking for a babysitter for Bible study as two weeks ago she picked up a chair and smashed some little kid over the head with it. Sigh... Joe and I have been talking and someone suggested that maybe she just gets overwhelmed in groups. Thinking about it she is most aggressive when we are out with large groups of kids/people. So for a while (this to shall pass right?) we will try and keep her out of those situations unless there will be someone who can keep and eye on her closely.

Nomy is getting so big. She is laughing, smiling, and trying to roll over. Madeline has taken to her and is constantly asking to pick her up. Several times I catch her taking her into her room so they can "play". LOL.

Work is good for Joe. He is super busy, as always. I on the other hand have started to hate his phone. I want to flush it down the toilet or throw it off a bridge. Not sure which would be more fun. There are lots of bridges in Portland I am sure one of them would do sufficient damage. He really does have a great job though. He is blessed to be one of the few people in this world that is actually doing what he enjoys. For that I am grateful. He is planning to take some time off in July so he can help out at the church's summer camp and also to go hiking with Brian on Mount St. Helens.

I am doing well. I have been feeling really well and have so much more energy than I did a few months ago. The laundry is still Mount Klemz on a daily basis and Joe has threatened to go buy more underwear. :) I did my first custom order for Sewing Alley recently. Someone I know in PDX gave a friend my contact info and I made her two eye spy bags. It was so fun so sew again after such a long break. I really over extended myself in December. I had so much sewing to do that I was really not enjoying it as much. But my machine is out now and I am trying to get more time to sew. I am reading a great book called Pushed. Its about birth (of course) and I am really enjoying it.

L and E thanks again!

B and M update your blog! Maddy is begging to read more. Can't wait to see you!


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