Sunday, July 20, 2008

Picture Update

Maddy took this of Nomy.

She loves her ice cream cones

Bath time LOL

Gotta love how Marah gets in the pool.

From the garden

Michel is obsessed with volcanoes and made this one out of playdough and rocks.

Had to take a pic of nomy in Joe's favorite diaper before she grows out of it. Our friend Breanna made it.

Marah chicken watching. Coop is almost done (we hope)

More swimming

4th of July. Maddy loves sparklers.

Joe went a tad overboard. Marah and Nomy slept through it all and Michael fell asleep in my lap.


Cooling off

Drooling like mad!! Teeth soon I think.

Watching Daddy set off a firework just for her before bed.


nicole said...

I love the pics Allison! I can't believe how much your kids have grown...Nomi is the sweetest babe ever. I love her in her little diaper and those cute lil' thighs! and!

hendreque said...

must remember to invite the family to your house for the 4th next year. Both M and C love the "big" fireworks.

I can't believe how big N is getting! My, how fast they grow up!

Can't wait to see you guys again. Gotta do it before C goes off to school.