Sunday, July 6, 2008

Some Nomy Photos

A small update as the camera battery is dead so I can't upload the pics right now.

We made lunches for the homeless last month. 20 lunches total. 40 sandwiches, cookies, chips, water, fruit, granola bars, socks. The kids made the plan of what to put in them and we drove around and handed them out.

Lots of Nomy. She is rolling tummy to back and back to tummy. Giggling all the time. She is one laid back baby and tolerates a lot. Madeline seems to think she enjoys going into her room. Nomy will be on the floor looking at something and next thing I know Maddy is taking her into her bedroom to "play". LOL.

Maddy has been taking videos lately. I found this one in there. :)

Okay there will be more photos soon. I realized I have no recent ones of the other kids posted. Will get those up in a day or so. :)


nicole said...

It's nice to see some updates! :)

Amoreena said...

Cute :)

Lee said...

Where did you hand out the lunches? Just curious. Nice pictures of Nomy!

Allison said...

We just drove around and handed them out. :) Ended up having to go all the way downtown PDX as there were not a lot of people out in our neck of the woods. If we had done it on a weekday it would have been easier I think.