Monday, December 15, 2008


The first annual MDC Holiday Cookie Exchange and MNO was a great success! Despite horrible, icy (very un PNW like weather) several mamas were able to make it (and several were missed). We gathered, sans kids, and ate, drank, and traded cookies. 8 moms, lots of appetizers, and about 32 dozen cookies made for a very fun night.

The cookie table

Again the cookies. :)

Individual cookie pictures. I would post what they are but well I can't remember all of them.

Sorry no people pictures I was too busy eating and chatting. We planned on a group shot when Joe got home to take it but well we forgot. LOL.


hendreque said...

yummy! I'm soo sad I couldn't make it. but I'd rather be safe then get into an accident!

Amoreena said...

Mmmmm. That was fun :)