Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Do you buy handmade toys or clothing? Do you sell them? Do you want the option to buy them in the future should you choose to do so? Well on February 10, 2009 you may not have that option anymore.

In response the the lead recalls of 2007 Congress took action and wrote the Consumer Product Safelty Improvement Act, CPSIA. Never heard of it, well you are not alone. This new law will require manufacturers of items for children under 12 to test their products for lead and some items for phthalates. No more lead in childrens toys, games, or clothing. Great right?

The problem with this new law is not the removal of lead its how and who are required to do this. All manufacturers are required to test each finished product for lead. Note I said finished product and not material. So take Fisher Price or Mattel who produce millions of each toy and they can afford the up to $4,000 testing cost without signifigant loss. Now take the WAHM (work at home mom) or Grandma who is selling toys or clothes she makes (most likely purchased from materials sold in the US!) online or at the local craft fair. Can Grandma Betty making children's dresses afford to pay to test the fabric, the buttons or snaps, the zippers of the dresses she makes. Remember the testing is per batch. So if she makes twenty of the same dress then test one, but if she makes twenty dresses of different fabric she needs to test them all. Bye bye handmade toys and clothes.

A second part of this law applies to current inventory. When February 10th rolls around what was on the shelf Feb 9th becomes a banned hazardous material unless it has been tested and meets the new requirements. Think off all the businesses who are going to be bankrupt. Think of the landfills.

This new law will close thousands of businesses here in America while the businesses that manufacture out of the country (made in China) are going to be just fine.

Please contact your representatives and congress men/women! There are many sites out there with form letters to email but if you can call and make your voice heard.

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