Monday, February 2, 2009

December 2008 Catch Up

December 2008 Catch up. Lots of photos with birthdays and holidays.

Our attempt at a family Christmas photo.

Madeline's birthday was snowy!
Opening presents

A pink Ipod!!

She was kind of bummed when she woke up to snow as she had hoped for a sunny birthday. We found her a sunny cake instead.

I had to take these pictures of Joe as he got ready for work one very cold morning. The socks are his, the leg warmers are Michael's. LOL

Clearing off the car and driveway
A Nomy proofed Christmas tree.

A huge puddle formed in one section of the chicken run and we did not know. We found out when it froze and that section of roof started bowing in.

A winter wonderland

Such a thick layer of ice and you can see the different freezes in there

We made a snowman

I love this picture of Maddy!
Nomy was cozy warm as I helped roll the snow man.

Frosty the Jedi Knight!
As close to a picture of Michael as I got. Look how red his hands are!!!

Opening their one present on Christmas Eve. They open the rest in the morning.
We gave Marah some books.
The girls gave Michael some Lego's.
Michael and Marah gave Maddy these shoes she has been wanting for over a year.
Nomy got a shoe box.

Christmas morning. Marah is old enought now to really get excited about Christmas.
We found Marah a vintage Fisher-Price barn and silo on Craigslist.
A brick set for Michael. I think it was 600 ir so all different sized bricks.

A doll for Maddy.

Later that day Michael took a bunch of pictures. Madeline was not enjoying her little brother right then. She got this robe for Christmas.
All right. Its Febuary 2nd and I am finally caught up with 2008's photos. Now to do January 09 and I will really be caught up. LOL

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