Monday, February 16, 2009

Michael Counts to 1,000

Last night Michael announced he was going to count to 1,000. He started with spinning in the dining room and slowly moved around the house and he did make it to 1,000. Notice in each video he is in a different location and moving around as he counts. I am so glad he is able to learn in his own way and not have to sit still in a classroom. :)

The quality of the videos is messed up. I think someone around the age of 8 played with the settings when they took pictures earlier in the day. :)

You can hear him in this one saying he is going to count to 1,000,000 next. He started today while we were at Costco. lol Currently he is at 1,129 and asked me to remember that so he can start again later. :)

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