Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Year in Pictures ~ 2012

Our year in pictures.  

This picture is technically December of 2011 but I found it just today.  This is my Grandma and Naomi on Christmas day.  My Grandma passed away at the beginning of December 2012.  What a wonderful picture to find!


There was snow!

and snowball fights.

February- somehow all the photos I took in Feb are of rabbits.  You don't need to see any more rabbits.  Maybe next year I should take more pictures of people.  :)



Meet Larry

Someone turned 9.  

The birthday boy.

Someone turned 4.  This is her tower of cupcakes before I dropped them.  :)
They still tasted good.

Pink Legos!

The birthday girl!



A birthday bike!

Someone turned 6!


There were lots of seedlings.

And lots of eggs!

Someone still likes to play at the park.

Reserve Champion Junior Poultry Showmanship.
You know, I was sure I'd never be a "soccer mom" but I
sure never thought I'd be a "chicken mom"

There were sunny days at the park

and underdogs


There were tulips in bloom at my Grandma's house.
Joe and I got married here 11 years ago this March!

Grandma's swing

There were newborn baby bunnies

and baby chicks delivered by mail

We shot rockets with cub scouts

First word someone ever wrote by herself

We went to the Canby Rabbit and Poultry Show

She still cuddles, occasionally.

I got caught capturing the moment.

We raised and butchered out own meat birds for the first time
You can read more about that here.


Baby bunnies grew
There was a lot of canning

No matter how much they fight, they really do love each other.

I have big helpers now

There was hiking at the bird park.

Lots of playing with my camera

and more cub scout activities


There was even more hiking

and playing in the waterfall

Friends for 4 years now

Cousin Thomas visited, they are all actually looking!
Most pictures looked like this :)


August is fair month for our family.  We gear up most of our 4-H year for the kids participation at Skamania County Fair.  You can read about our fair years here 2012 and here 2011 and here 2009.  I never blogged 2010 as we had dial up internet and blogging was just taking too much time.

6 year olds are not very patient
Rabbit showmanship
Good thing her bird is well trained
Junior Poultry Champion
2012 Master Poultry Showman.  There were tears, she was so excited.
Small Animal Round Robin
She took third place in the small animal round robin
More ribbons
Love her smile
There were garden boxes


6 people + 1 mini van + 3 days of camping = this
(There are 3 other kids back there)

There was beach fun

And playing in the waves

and Daddy time

There was sand, lots of sand

More hiking

There was a civil war reenactment

The women wore the most beautiful dresses

We visited Fort Stevens

Lots of stairs!

Lots of digging

There was fishing with Grandma Karen while she was camping
and watermelon eating
and more fishing

There were crafts at Puyallup Fair ~ WA Jr. Poultry Exposition

and photography exhibits

2012 Poultry Person of the Year ~ WA Jr Poultry Exposition

There was a fire at the bird park
and a 4-H scavenger hunt
and lots of Lego building

Yes, more poultry shows.


There was Thanksgiving at Grandma's hosue

and skipbo playing


There was present opening

lots of candles

Someone turned 12.  

And isn't this the most important.

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