Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Berries Today Jam Tomorrow

We went to a berry farm today. It was a spur of the moment trip and the whole way there it poured rain. I was getting a bit worried but the kids assured me that they would still enjoy it in the rain. Once we got there (it was only about 5 miles away) the sun came out and it was gorgeous. The man who owns the farm is not taking care of the u pick section anymore. Not sure why (but he has to be at least 70 so maybe thats it) so he said it was full of weeds but we were free to pick there anyway. Well weeds turned out to be tons and tons of daisies (and a few thistles). Madeline was in heaven. Next time we go he said we can dig a bunch up for Madeline's garden. So we picked and picked and picked. Marah hung out on my back in the Kozy and ate and ate and ate. I should have brought a camera but he said it was a hike to get in there.

26 pounds and an hour later we left.

The most beautiful strawberries ever.

Tomorrow we make JAM!


Korin said...

OMG, i have the SAME pix up on my blog, 20 lbs of strawberries in the SAME container being washed. lol

Lee said...

Yum. I must do this next year!