Thursday, June 14, 2007

Visitors in Love and the co-op

So we had visitors this week. Robbie (Joe's Brother) and Alyssa (his girlfriend) stayed with us for a few days. The kids enjoyed visiting with them.

Saw this on the patio out back and could not help but smile.

This past Wednesday was our first day of co-op. Four homeschooling/unschooling families living in Vancouver decided to form a co-op. Our kids range in age from one to eight and there are 10 kids total. We will rotate houses and meet once a week to play games, read books, and do activities about a theme. We will also have a field trip related to the theme when possible. The current theme is ants. We read a great book and played a role playing game where each kid had a "ant job". The kids had a great time playing different ants.

Here is Madeline holding one of Amoreena's chickens.

Michael was really excited to find corn in the playroom. LOL.

Even Marah enjoyed herself.

For anyone interested here are some links to unschooling. Several of you have asked about our curriculum and what are kids are learning. We are very relaxed homeschoolers maybe even unschoolers and use the world as our classroom.
Here is a website all about unschooling.
John Taylor Gatto is also a great resource for information. Linked is just one article, a google search will bring up many more.


Adrienne said...

Thanks for these links, Allison! I was just thinking that I need to find this information. It was nice to meet you at the park today!

Adrienne (Estreetmama)

Demerey said...

Gatto's books affected my family's homeschooling ways too! In a good way!

Amoreena said...

Cute, I think you've got more pictures of my chicks than I do! ;) I need to make a better effort to use the camera...

LOVE Gatto, Holt is good too!