Sunday, June 17, 2007


I had an appointment to get my tattoo redone today. The color was a bit faded and it needed some new life. The best part of all was Joe had all three kids and I got some time to myself.

It is pretty swollen and the yellow on the sun rays looks red in places but its not.

My new hair cut! Bad picture, Joe kept making me laugh when he took the picture so I had to do it myself. Not easy. This was the best of about 10, most with half a head in them.


The Noble Fat N Happy One said...

lookin mighty hot there mama!!!! :D

Korin said...

OMG Allison!!
1. LOVE the new ink. LOVELY!!
2. CUTE haircut!!!! you look adorable. Great fresh new look :D

Lee said...

Wow, both the ink and the hair look awesome!!