Friday, May 30, 2008

New Bible Study

About a month ago I noticed a new women's Bible study starting up at church. I have been feeling a need to be with other women of faith and this jumped out at me. Honestly I have been very discouraged lately with doing anything. Marah will not let us leave her with anyone and even though childcare is provided I did not think I would be able to actually attend. The last mom's group at church I called said that kids were not allowed at all in with the group when I asked if Marah could attend with me if she was quiet. While I understood why I was still upset. What are moms who have clingy attached children to do? Well it took me two weeks of a daily voice in my head telling me to call until I finally did. I spoke with Susan over the phone who said that we would just see what happens with Marah and go from there. I was so excited!

Fast forward one week and Marah gets pink eye (UGH!) I did not think I would be able to attend when Joe said "Call your Mom." I said no, she won't want to drive all the way down here that early. She is almost 2 hours away and I needed to leave at 8:45 am. God is really telling me something here because my mom said yes I wanted to come down sometime this week anyway. I had the best time. We just talked about the book are going to be reading, The 10 Best Decisions a Woman an Make: Finding Your Place in God's Plan, getting to know everyone, and praying. I am so glad I was able to go.

The following week Marah for the first time EVER let me leave her in childcare. You must be thinking you have never left her? The only times I have ever left Marah are with Joe, with my mom, and twice with my friend Leslie who the kids adore. So no I have never left her with a stranger or in any kind of childcare at all. She usually freaks out. At church we spend the time watching the service in the parents room where they televise it. She stayed the entire two and a half hours and did not cry once. In fact when I dropped her off and said goodbye she was kind of like yeah whatever I am playing kitchen. I am so excited. It was so amazing to talk about the book (which also happens to be just what I needed but that needs a post just for itself) with all the other women. I love hearing everyone's thoughts as there is such a wide range of ages in the women in the group. We are all at such a different part of life but we can all come together and relate to each other, talk about God and pray together.

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