Monday, May 12, 2008

We have worms, hives, and other things.

Once again a months worth of photos to catch you up. I am amazed that I am getting this done in the middle of the day. Madeline is reading (as usual, I actually had to make her go outside earlier), Michael and Marah are outside with a spray bottle of water, and Naomi is cooing away at a cow toy hanging off the baby chair. I am eating bites of cupcake while I type in hopes that no one notices and then I have to share.

Sweet smiles. Nomy (yes I wrote Nomy and not Naomi.) Marah cannot say Naomi and Nomy has kind of stuck.
Michael is REALLY into legos. He will build and build for hours on end. This is a robot.

We went to Grandma Evelyn's. Meeting Great Grandma for the first time.

And those of you that know Grandma know she does not like having her picture taken twice.

Much less three times. See the eye? Its saying do it again I dare you.

I love Grandma's Tulips. I had hoped they would be in bloom at our wedding but it was still a little early.

The trees are in bloom.

At Grandma Karen's. Madeline is having a tea party.

Michael is building. Grandma has a large container full of toys and mini tools the kids get to play with when they come and visit.

Marah playing.

Madeline took some pictures of Skookum. He has one blue eye, its really pretty.

The best thing ever. All FOUR kids fell asleep for the entire drive home ( 1 and 1/2 hours). The drive home usually consists of a small nap and then lots of screaming the rest of the trip. This was heaven.

Grandma Melody came to visit and meet Nomy.

And yes Nomy has a "Got Breastmilk" shirt too. :)

Madeline asked me to curl her hair with rollers.

The results.

Marah really enjoys kitchen and set this table for Daddy.

The ant hill after 12 hours.

The kids tell me the ants are having a meeting here.

After 3 days.

The lady bugs.

We planted the garden. Green beans, snow peas, corn, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, carrots, lettuce, onions, radishes, strawberries. Madeline planted a flower garden and Michael planted several giant pumpkins.

She is getting so big!

I have to say I love prefolds.

Leslie made this soaker for Nomy. It is so cute!

In World Crafts (her Friday class) they learned about Korea. Madeline has eaten with her chopsticks every chance she gets.

Michael has hives. Well had hives. The Dr. thinks it is a food allergy but there is no way to tell what right now. He has a hyper immune system or something like that. He is also allergic to mosquitoes and amoxicillan.

We have worms! Two lbs of Red Worms to be exact.

Our vermicomposter being set up.

Red wigglers.

I managed to eat my cupcake and now must go make dinner.


hendreque said...

I can't believe N is getting sooooo big!!!

Any more creepy crawlies coming into the house? I might not want to

Lee said...

Nice update! That baby of yours looks so beautiful and healthy.

Jess said...

Wowswers! Now THAT was an update! Naomi is beautiful! And getting HUGE!! My goodness!

The conference looks awesome. I hope we can go next year!