Thursday, April 17, 2008

Have you been denied a VBAC?

Below is a cut and paste from the ICAN of Portland yahoo group I am on. I had a cesarean at a hospital (Central Washington Hospital in Wenatchee, WA) that is now banning VBAC's. Had Michael been conceived a few months later I would most likely have had a second cesarean instead of the wonderful VBAC I was "allowed" to have. I know far to many women who are struggling to find a place to birth their baby. If you have been denied a VBAC because of a VBAC ban please contact Pam. Her information is below.

"I have a lawyer who will help us challenge the VBAC bans at hospitals in the following states: Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Montana and Idaho.
She is looking for women who have been denied a VBAC or are being told right now that they can't VBAC.
Please contact me at: if you or someone you know are in this position. If you have local email lists, you may post this on them.
Pam Udy
ICAN President"

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Jen @ said...

I wanted to share a couple letters written by medical professionals opposing a VBAC ban at a small, rural hospital... the first by two MDs: and the second by a CNM: Keep on fighting the good fight! :) Big hugs, Jen