Friday, April 11, 2008

New Bedrooms

Joe and I decided Madeline needed her own space. Michael and Marah tend to destroy her projects. So Madeline is now in the craft room. I decluttered so much stuff in there. I am amazed at how nice it looks now. All paints, glues, glitter, clay, etc moved to a shelf in the laundry room. We left the home school books, paper, pens, and other craft items.

Her bed. The first morning she woke up in here she made her bed and tidied before anyone else was even awake.

Reading couch


Her sewing desk. We moved her machine to a shelf in the closet so she has an area for other work too.

All her favorites

The shelves

The bottom of the closet is toys and the top of the closet is craft stuff and games.

Michael's room

His bed
They still share a dresser and the closet in here.

Spiderman room

Toy shelf

He was not so sure about sleeping in his own room the first night. Now he is really excited to make his room his own.


Lee said...

How exciting that they have their own bedrooms now! I remember having so much fun rearranging and decorating my room while growing up.

hendreque said...

How cool! I bet M can't wait to show off his new room to C.