Thursday, April 10, 2008

Our tribe (minus one)

A week or so ago I was talking with Joe about how people are not meant to live so isolated. We are meant to live with other families. To have a community of mothers, fathers, grandparents, children. Mothers need support, as do fathers. Kids need to be able to learn things from other generations. What has happened to our society that this isolation has now become the norm?

I told him that I think Bryan and Marni are "our tribe". He told me that the "tribe" part was a bit too crunchy and don't tell them that. LOL. Of course its one of the first things I told Marni when she came to visit this week. And you know what she agreed.

Marni and the girls stopped by for the night on their way to her mothers in Oregon. It was so nice to be with such good friends again. I know Joe missed Bryan and wishes he could have come too (darn jobs!). The kids had a blast. Now to convince them to move...

Marni and Isabelle

The kids

My future daughter in law.

The girls

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