Thursday, April 10, 2008

Random Pictures

This is a very picture heavy post. Catching up from the last month.

Easter Sunday at Church they did face painting at Kids World.

Sadly, this is what our kids now call snow.

Joe was gone one night and as I was putting Marah down there was some thunder. The kids were scared and asked to sleep in our bed. Later this is what I found.

Marah is upside down and Michael is in the side carred crib. LOL

The kids made a bug house.

We finally made it to Zenana Spa for our pedicures.

This is Marah saying "see, see, see." She has to see each picture as you take it.

Michael spent his birthday money on Legos.

Princess Marah. She brought me all this and HAD to have a snack.

So in love

Tandem nursing

Weighing Naomi at a home visit

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hendreque said...

I love all the pics!