Monday, March 16, 2009

Birthday girl, chicks, and baking day

Small update for March. We had to build a second fenced area for the chickens. They used to come out and free range all over the yard but the poop was just too much. We realized Naomi cannot even crawl around the backyard this spring unless we somehow get rid of the poop. So fence it was. We will figure out how to move this every so often or split it in two so that they can have a fresh area all the time.

The coop, run, and new fence.

Chicken bottoms. Don't try to take their picture when you just threw them a bunch of scratch. lol

Baking day. This is a no knead 5 minute artisan loaf. You can refridgerate it for up to 3 weeks and we get about 3 loaves in the batch. It says 6 but we make large loaves I guess. It takes about 5 minutes to mix and then you let it rise and then in the fridge it goes. I have also made Naan, rolls, and cinnamon rolls out of this dough. Yummy!

Pancakes for the freezer.

A busy baker making cookies.

The pancake flipper.

The painter

Nomy's first birthday. We had dinner and cake. Look mom I'm one! Really its look at this sugary slimy stuff, should I eat it?

Her first cake, carrot with cream cheese frosting.

The baby chickens getting out while I cleaned the brooder.

This is Michael playing the drum set he created the other day.

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Aimee said...

Your kids are so adorable!! I'd love the recipe for your bread, sounds so easy! How many chickens do you have? And your coop and run looks great!! I'd love to see more coop pics! We have a great coop at my moms but now have the chicks for our house and right now we have just a small run for them once they are ready to go outside and then our rabbit is in there now.