Monday, March 30, 2009

Birthdays and Legos and Anniversaries oh my!

March was a busy month. Nomy turned one, Michael turned 6, and Joe and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. I cannot believe we have been married 7 years and together for 10! I have been planning our garden and enjoying the sunny weather when it comes. April is coming which in our family means birthday season. There are at least 7 April birthdays I can count off the top of my head!

We had Uncle Terry over for birthday cake and dinner on Michael's birthday.

The chickens are all laying now. We regularly get 8 eggs a day and come July will be getting even more once the others start laying. We have started selling eggs and have someone coming weekly to pick up. Aren't they so pretty!

Michael recieved a bunch of Lego's for his birthday and this is a Mars Mission umm alien thingy. He was very proud to finally get it all put together! Look at his face, such excitement!

Nomy is now walking more than crawling. It is really cute to see her toddling all over the house.
Michael had a birthday party and invited some of his friends. He only wanted to invite C, G, and N but I told him their sisters would most likely come too. lol
One night after dinner (an early 5 o'clock dinner at that) I was loading the dishwasher while Nomy finished eating only to look over and see this. lol

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UrbanHippieMama said...

Your kids are so cute, and getting so big! And 8 eggs a day?! That's awesome!! I have to tell you, I had a dream the other night that you were pregnant with twins. Thought you might want to up your birth control measures... ;) LOL