Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Planting

Garden season is here and I am so excited to get our seeds in the ground. If only the rain would stop. This year I decided to plant our normal plants as well as a large amount of certain things to can and freeze. Usually we plant a small assortment and seem to never have enough of what we actually want. So this year I went all out in my garden planning. What is usually a ripped out notebook paper with a crudely drawn map of the garden is now a to scale (one square is half a foot) map of the garden. Each section is marked out with how many plants and rows needed. As well as needed space between plants and space between rows. I even took it further one night and color coded by cold, warm, and hot plantings. lol I know I'm a dork. Lets take this even further though as I then put it in a sheet protector so it can be wiped clean once I return inside from planting with my handy map in hand.

So this years planting will be:

Green onion
Snap peas
Bok Choy
Carrots and Rainbow carrots

Potatoes (red and white)
Tomatoes (Roma and Cherry)

Bush Beans
Marigolds (pest control)

We opened up a huge section of the garden by taking out all the strawberries. These have been moved to long pots and a large box taken to a friend planting her first garden. I also have some herbs in pots on the porch (chives, thyme, dill, basil). We are also attempting pumpkins and watermelons (well the kids are) in pots on the front porch where I usually put flowers. This area is hot all summer long so hopefully these plants will do well here.

Goal for the weekend is to get the almost completed compost into the garden and till it in. Then get the first grouping of seeds planted. A bit later than I wanted but alas its been rainy, rainy, rainy.

Looking foward to this

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