Friday, April 17, 2009

The Path to a One Car Family

Unintentionally we have been (once again :) ) thrown into a one car family. Joe's car we knew needs brakes (badly) and we had saved the $500 or so dollars to fix it. Well yesterday his transmission went out. Sigh... $1,000 possibly more if some other part is also broken.

This would not be such an issue if he was not required by his work to have a car. Some months he puts over 300 miles on his car driving from school to school, meetings with parents in their homes, and taking clients on field trips. He needs to be able to get a call from a school and be there quickly.

As soon as he called me to pick him up at the mechanics the wheels in my head started turning. Its almost summer, school is out, we can make a loose schedule and just try having one car. It means me waking up all four kids early some days to drive him to work. It also means the kids and I will have to get used to planning our days. No more wake up and decide to head to the zoo, the park, or a play day with friends. More planning of shopping trips and keeping better track of what we are running out of. All things I would love to have a handle on better anyway.

At some point today AAA will tow the honda here to the house. Not sure what we are going to do with it. Sell it, keep it in case we decide to fix it later, who knows. It is a pretty good time for this to happen.

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