Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring is here!

It has been such a nice few days here. I love Spring time. My birthday is coming up, I will be 28. As are the birthdays of about 13 other family members. What can I say my family enjoys July a lot for some reason. I love the warmer weather. It means staying outside for most of the days, less mud everywhere, tired kids at the end of the day, fresh dried laundry, more eggs, growth. Oh how I love spring.

This is Goldie, one of our chickens enjoying some sun and bugs.

We got a lot of the garden planted this Sunday after Church.

First line dry of the season. I cannot say enough how much I love these clotheslines. They are retractable and were less than $15 each. There is something calming to me about hanging clothes on the line. The smell, the slowness of it, I thoroughly enjoy it.

Diapers on the line


Rachael said...

May I ask where you found the retractable clotheslines? I have tried some in the past and they turned out to be pretty flimsy. I came to your site from Mothering, reading about what you planted so far this year.

Allison said...

I found them at Home Depot. I believe they were $14.99 when I bought them. I originally had one but the next year bought another as with two in diapers I needed more space.

Lisa said...

oh yay, somebody else asked! :) i need to get some too. i am also excited to think about doing some sun bleaching of my diapers.

Rebecca said...

Wow! That is quite the lengthy clothesline. I'm impressed :)L

Nicole said...

completely impressed! wow!

Ali said...

I just love the look of diapers hanging out to dry!