Thursday, April 23, 2009


I find myself lately being drawn to blog posts about doing to much. This one in particular made me think about my days. Another good one here. I know I am overwhelmed with things to do. I have lists, charts, and organizational binders and they all sit neglected. This is nothing new to me. Seems once a month I am overwhelmed by the list of things I "need" to do. I get irritated that I "have" to do all these things and in protest don't do any of them. Well some I do cause well the kids can't feed themselves, nor the chickens, but the bathroom and laundry get neglected for sure. I have ever evolving plans to get everything in order, I will do things on certain days (my home management binder), the house will be clean, there will be bread baked, and clothing sewn, gardening will get done, and the kids will be involved in crafts and activites so that I will never hear the words "I'm bored, what should I do?" ever again.

Umm okay, yeah right. I am not super mom and I do not want to be. I do want to have a relatively uncluttered house. I'm not talking bare and sparkly clean. I just want to feel peace in my house and currently about once a month I do not. I want my house to feel cozy and inviting. I enjoy my kids art work on the bulletin boards and don't mind muddy footprints every now and then. I want to not feel rushed to get to the next thing on my list. Right now as I type I am thinking that the dishes need done and I have no plans yet for dinner (though I make a monthly menu plan!).

We are in the (constant) process of decluttering around here and it feels good to see things leave the house. I am relishing in the thought of baking bread tomorrow. This is one of those daily things I do that I really enjoy (too bad it only takes five minutes lol). I am also looking forward to sewing up some summer clothes I cut for Madeline yesterday. In the mean time I am going to slow down. If I don't get it done I will not stress about it. I am also going to make sure I get some me time. Sewing is wonderful me time but with so many little ones around I rarely get to do it. Gardening is also something I really enjoy and cannot wait for warmer weather to return! As for the cleaning, well it will get done, it (usually) does. It just may not be on the schedule I have planned and I am going to concentrate on what I am providing for my family and myself by doing it rather than the drudgery of the job.

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