Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Garden Update {July 2009}

A photo update of our little "farm" as the kids like to call it.

First year blueberries. We are renting so I did not want to plant these in the ground to either leave them or dig them up. They are doing well. A lot of blooms that I picked off this spring to help produce healthy plants.

The apple tree. I am not going to show the entire tree as well its been butchered. The landlord told Joe to cut off anything growing sideways, well he did, as far as he could reach any way. So the tree has 4 straight up branches with nothing on them until about 8 feet up or so then its like a mass of apples and branches. I think a pruning class will be most helpful once we have our own trees.

The garden is doing wonderful. So many things are blooming and getting ready to grow us some wonderful veggies.
Zucchini blooms.

Cabbage. I have never grown cabbage so not sure if this looks good or not. lol
Snap peas are producing like mad. More than we can eat and frankly I am sick of them. A lot will be blanched and frozen for later. These are still looking good though have been blown over twice now by heavy winds. I can't get them to upright themselves again so am just letting them lean.

Cherry tomatoes!!!

Another plant I have never grown. A tomatillo. It has tons of flowers right now so hoping for the best.
Carrots. We have been thinning and eating the small ones. So yummy!!

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