Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Simple Home Audit

I thought it would be fun to join Rhonda Jean from Down to Earth in her Simple Home Audit over the next week. You can click on the photo above to go directly to the blog post.

Here is some of what she has to say about it from her blog:

Who will join us in our simple home audit? This will be a no guilt audit. We all have past mistakes we'd rather forget about. The aim of this audit is to keep us on track, or, for some of us, to start living more simply. We will just take stock, make adjustments, move towards a fresh beginning and get on with it.
Each day for a week, I will set a simple task to be completed. They won't take long so those of you working outside the home can join in or save the tasks for your days off. We will start tomorrow. Today I want you to add your name if you want to be included in this task. If you wish to, please capture the badge at the top of this post so you can show what you're doing on your own blog. Who will join us?

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