Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rain, rain, and yet more rain

This year has been a rainy one. Joe told me he heard it was the wettest May in history. I am not surprised if that is true. The few days of sunshine we have had were absolutely wonderful and I am aching for more. Sad to say that the radio just informed me another week of this is coming.

The garden is not doing well with all this soggy weather and hail even. I have never been unable to grow the cool weather crops and this year it is just a dismal failure. Sad for us as we are still buying store lettuce and greens. The lettuce we do get this year will taste so good though as we have waited a month longer than normal for it. lol

I am also worried about my tomatoes and peppers which I put out at my estimate of last frost, May 15th. A good 2 weeks past last years date but I figured its a bit higher up here and I will play it safe. I have lost a good amount of tomato plants this year. Not sure exactly how many are left but I put out over 100 this year. Some succumbed to the hail we had two weeks ago, others to the high winds we had several days later, some just withered up from lack of sun I think. I am not losing hope yet though!

My estimation for our first frost date is still a good 120 or so days away. Still plenty of time to pull the waterlogged plants and plant some new seeds if I have too. So there may still be tomato sauce in our pantry this fall!

I do find it funny that I count up to the last frost date all winter and early spring only to turn around and start counting down to the first frost date. At then a few months later I will start it all over again. Hope you are all having a wonderful spring or fall depending on where you are!

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