Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hopes for Putting Up Food 2011

Canning season is something I look forward to almost as much as garden season.  As always we will be using our local u pick farms for what we cannot grow ourselves.  This is something the kids look forward to every year.  They especially love pear picking.

The other day I made a friend some elderberry syrup for her daughter who was sick.  As the syrup cooled the lid pinged and the noise of the lid pinging made me smile.  I love going to bed and hearing the sound of pinging lids coming from the kitchen.  Putting up food we have either grown or picked ourselves is so very rewarding to me.  I look forward to this year I hope to put up a lot of things.

Here is a list of my goals.

Applesauce 24 quarts
Apple Butter 12 half pints
Pear Sauce 36 quarts
Canned Pears 36 quarts
Canned Peaches 24 quarts
Grape Jelly 24 half pints
BBQ Sauce 24 half pints
Tomato Sauce 48 pints
Tomato Sauce w/ spices 24 pints
Ketchup 24 pints

Pears 12 quarts
Apples 24 quarts
Plums 12 quarts

Blueberries 8, 1 gallon bags
Strawberries 8, 1 gallon bags
Raspberries 2, 1 gallon bags
Blackberries 4, 1 gallon bags
Green Beans 5, 1 gallon bags
Snap Peas 3, 1 gallon bags

I am sure I will add things to this list and the quantities are only my hopes.  I would love to hear what you are hoping to put up in your house this year?  Or if you are on the other side of the world what did you put up all ready?

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Joi said...

I am always in awe of your canning prowess.