Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Garden Plans 2011

Its barely March and I find myself ready to plan the garden.  It will be tiny this year but sadly will produce more than last I am sure.  It better anyway.  I still think the garden year of 2010 will forever live in my memory as the worst garden year ever.

This year we have two raised beds and I am going to plant some things along the fence and in pots out front.  Not sure on the dimension of the beds but I am guessing 4 by 12 maybe.  They are deep as well.  They are in desperate need of some compost though.  I just found out our new 4H group offers free compost to all members so I am super excited!  Its horse, goat, chicken compost and their gardens look really great.

As for what to plant I have no idea!  I have tons of seeds and am sure we will do the regulars of lettuce, carrots, onions, and tomatoes.  The kids are going to grow some pumpkins for fair this year.  I will also do peas, cucumbers, and possibly try some melons out front where its super sunny.

I am excited to start the seedlings in my new greenhouse.  I finally figured out the roof situation I talked about in another post.  Duct tape and some garden bamboo stakes have provided enough roof support that even the heavy downpours are not collecting in the roof.  I need to start checking the night time temps in there so I know what I can start in there temperature wise.

Be ready for more garden posts as the weeks go on.  I am really excited this year (every year? lol) and am going to get out my seeds, garden books, and paper to start planning very soon!

I hope you are enjoying the first week of March.  Today is my youngest child's third birthday so I am off to make her birthday dinner, waffles!  Enjoy your week and feel free to comment.  I'd love to know what you are starting in your garden?

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