Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our Urban Homestead Tour

I have pictures!  Thought I'd take you on a little tour.  I love being back in town though I do miss the wide open spaces of the middle of no where.  I am so excited to start my garden this year, I have plans for the raised beds, growing along the fences, as well as creating some micro climates with container gardening along the sides of the house.  The chickens seem to enjoy their little area as do the kids.  I don't know if Joe has fully realized we live in town as he keeps talking about a dairy goat!  lol  

Raised beds, you can also see the composter in the top bed.  We are going to save the end of each bed and just rotate it back and forth.  Since we don't own it will save us the hassle of having to "fix" the area where the composter is when we move.
Bantam Coop
My little greenhouse
East side of the yard
The treed area is the chicken coop/run
3 of the chickens
Naomi's birdhouse
You can see the red/white chicken coop back there behind the trees.
West side of the yard.  The kids have turned this into a sledding area, even when there's no snow. lol
View in the front.  That sliver of river is the Columbia and those hills are Oregon.
Front of the house
This was a few weeks back and it was the nicest sunny day we have had in a long, long time.  
I hope you enjoyed the tour.  I am so excited to have picture uploading back on the blog.  I have a lot I want to update from the last year as well as new stuff going on here.

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