Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kitchen De-Cluttering and Reorganization

When we moved in I unpacked the kitchen by putting everything away where I thought it would eventually go.  I had the intention of later re-organizing and making the kitchen more functional.  Since then no one has known where anything goes so dishes and ingredients get randomly shoved in cupboards.  This has made cooking and baking hard.  For my family I believe that an unorganized kitchen definitely means and unorganized house.  We live in our house every day, all day.  Since we homeschool we use the kitchen 3 times a day for meals and more times for snacks.  Our dining room table is usually where we do projects or schoolwork so when its messy in there things slip and don't get done.  Eventually the clutter takes over and everything is a mess.  So last week I finally did it and re-organized the kitchen.  Here are some before pictures.

This is what you see when you walk in the front door.  I really like it when this area is tidy and neat.

Another area you see from the front door.  This unfortunately also becomes the catch all spot!
My largest counter
Bowls and Glass
Plates, cups, and weird corner cupboard
Coffee Mugs, Bread
Misc Baking/Cooking
Dresser and Garbage

Top half of Pantry
Bottom half of Pantry
View of the front door and living room

Corner Cabinet
What happens when you open the door to the corner cabinet.

Top of fridge and above cabinets
And the after photos:

No longer a catch all!

I reorganized cabinets, cleared counters, scrubbed drawers, and put everything back in order.  Then I proceeded to label each and every cabinet and drawer.  This is not something I have done before and Joe and the kids LOVE it!  I thought they were going to laugh but instead they said it makes putting everything away so much easier.  

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