Friday, April 1, 2011

Seed Planting

We started our seeds a few days ago.  I let the kids each plant a few little pots of their favorites.  They've got pumpkins, lettuces, and different flowers all ready to go into their little garden pots.  I planted 10 1/2 flats of seeds.  I intended to just plant a few but as I was covering my dining room and myself in dirt I figured I would get most of it done at once!  So tomatoes, lettuces, melons, pumpkins, and so much more are now sitting snugly in flats in bedrooms, and bathrooms, and the dining room.  Some have all ready made it out to the greenhouse as they germinated quickly.  Others are slowly doing their thing and will be out there in the next few weeks.

I love spring time!  Gardening and preparing for a new year of growing things.  Its so exciting and I anxiously watch for the first seeds to germinate.  I love that my house smells like dirt and the job of spraying the seed trays with water each day.  Seeds are just amazing!

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