Thursday, May 19, 2011

Busy week and Summer Camps!

Its been a busy week and my poor blog is once again neglected!  I really wanted to keep up with the Kindergardens series but seems I am all ready behind.  I am going to be playing around with my blog design so if things look funky here please be patient with me.  I am really not liking the feel of it lately.  Have a lot of gardening posts to do and am super excited about how my garden is doing.  Its spring so all I think about is gardening!

I have also been busy helping our 4-H group with their website.  Please go check it out at Camas Camp-n-Ranch.  It is an excellent farm, my family loves it out there.  If you are local make sure you check out their facebook page and their summer camps.  Please pass the information on to anyone else locally you know!  They have 3 different themes as well as horse camp in July.   

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