Friday, June 24, 2011


We had two show bantams go broody last month so we took some eggs from the 4-H Farm just for fun.  We didn't really need any new chicks, but the kids have always wanted to hatch some.  Well I did not expect a 100% hatch rate.  lol  So 7 new chicks are here and boy were the kids excited to see this little chick in the nest box.  Hope fully there are some girls in there.  They are all mixed breeds as there is no separation out in the barnyard but it was fun.  Hoping that we get a green egg layer out of one at least.  4 of the 7 eggs were dark green so we shall see!

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Andrea said...

Aww they are so cute. I cannot wait to be able to own my own house and be able to raise some chickens.