Thursday, June 23, 2011

Strawberries are Here!

Strawberry season is here again.  The kids had fun picking though we went late in the day so ended up with half what we normally pick.  We plan to go back when the farm opens up their second field.  We spent two afternoons processing what we picked and totals are up in the sidebar. 

Strawberry Jam
Dehydrator full on yummy smells!

Fruit Leather.  Ingredients: Strawberries :)

Finished jam
So what are you turning your strawberries into?


Andrea said...

So far this year we have only managed to get strawberries into the freezer (1 gal bag). The kids seem to eat through them so fast here and we havent managed to get more than about 5 lbs at any one time. Hoping to get some strawberry jam up before too much longer. I just need to plan ahead.

Allison said...

Andrea my kids eat their fair share too. lol I swear their faces are going to be permanently red! :)