Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm Back!!

Its been such a sporadic year of posting and I have missed blogging and reading others blogs so much. I am very happy to say that we have moved! We are back in town and that means no more dial up internet!!! I am so excited. The move to the "country" was fun but we realized that our lives are just to busy right now. We have a dream of living out there and LOVE it (except for the overly large country spiders) we just have way too much going on at this point in our lives. Since Joe and I share a car there were days that Joe was driving up and down the river road 3-4 times, going to work, coming home, going back to town, etc. We loved and learned a lot living out there. I will miss the quiet, that I did enjoy.

In addition to moving Joe started Seminary school in January. It is something he has talked about for a long time, since I have know him actually, so 12 years. I am so excited for this next step for him.

Our new house is not quite cookie cutter but not really unique. Its on a hill behind the high school of our small town and we can see the river and to the east Mt Hood. Space is an issue so I would love anyone's input or links to organizing. Right now everything is in boxes in the garage and I kind of want to just give it all to Goodwill. lol The two older kids are sharing rooms as are the two younger girls. I am trying to figure out storage space for all the craft and home school supplies. Which I will admit is an amazingly large amount of stuff. We love our crafts! I also need to pare down my kitchen as the storage in there is much less. So send me your links and ideas. I probably won't be posting regularly this week or two as I unpack and get the kids and I settled into a new house but once we are expect a years worth of pictures and lots of posts.

Just had to share a link to this blog, its a mama friend and I love what she creates! We made these at Christmas with red, green, and white squares glued onto baby food jars. I think we will take some time out of the unpacking to make some valentines jars. Homemade Serenity: Valentines Votives

Happy day to everyone and hope you are getting beautiful weather!

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